More Jasper Streets Getting New Ashphalt Coating In Coming Weeks (AUDIO)

Church Street between Giesler Road and Newton Street is one of Jasper's streets that has been recoated in recent years with the asphalt emulsion liquid road coating the city is now using.

Church Street between Giesler Road and Newton Street was recoated last summer. NNDC Photo

Jasper (NNDC) – The Jasper Street Department says it will be using a new asphalt emulsion liquid road coating to several city streets over the next couple of weeks.

Street department commissioner Jeff Theising says says the surface coating is similar to seal coating, but is “thicker, more durable & designed to wear/last longer than ordinary seal coating.”

He says the city has used the coating in the past and its use has drawn complements from city residents…

Theising says the road coating project will being Wednesday, July 6th barring inclement weather or any other unforeseen events.

He says each street will be closed for approximately two days; again depending on weather & material drying conditions.

Vehicles WILL NOT be allowed on these streets during coating process and vehicles must be removed from garages & driveways prior to 7:00 A.M. the day of the recoating.

Residents on each street being recoated will be notified a day prior to the beginning of work being done to that street.

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