Jail Expansion Idea Met With Lukewarm Reception (AUDIO)

Jasper (NNDC) – Dubois County Sheriff Donny Lampert says the county’s security center needs to be expanded.

Lampert says he’d like to add additional space for up to 20 more inmates, including additional space for female inmates. Lampert’s hope of expanding the facility (pictured) in the near future was not met with enthusiasm Monday night when the Sheriff addressed the Dubois County Council. Lampert says the jail has been operating close its original capacity of 84 since this last March and he says its only going to get more crowded…

Lampert was asked by councilman Martha Wehr Monday night about the need for expanding the jail as it has operated with as many as 1oo inmates at times.

Lampert says he reminded Wehr and the rest of the council that when that occurred, the jail was not only overcrowded but it was also short staffed which made for a very dangerous environment for both inmates and jail staff…

Council president Greg Kendall says would be open to the idea of expanding the jail if and when the county is mandated by the state to do so.

Lampert says it would be in the county’s best interest to start planning for a larger jail now and plans to contact the county commissioners to begin work on such plans.

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