Donnelly Meets With FBI Over Emerging Terror Threat In Indiana



Indianapolis (NNDC) – Indiana’s emerging terror threat was the subject of a meeting between Sen. Joe Donnelly and FBI officials Monday morning.

The meeting comes in the wake of a Brownsburg arrested on federal terrorism charges last week.

The goal is to prevent an Orlando-type attack from happening in Indiana.

Sen. Donnelly says he was briefed on the latest surveillance efforts of Hoosiers.

Sen. Donnelly says, “I’m checking with our FBI to make sure who we are looking at, what are the things we’re working on, who is our greatest concern, what are we doing to make sure that we have that taken care of. On their end, it’s a chance to ask me, ‘What are we doing on encryption? How are we moving the ball in this area?’ and so I think it’s important.”

As for the number of Hoosiers being monitored by federal officials, we’re told that information is classified.

Sen. Donnelly was hesitant to go into any specifics about his conversation.

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