Jasper Engines & Transmissions Announces Record-Setting ESOP Share Price!

Record Year!Jasper (Local Sources) – Associate-Owners shareholders in the Jasper Engines & Transmissions Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) were treated to another record-setting share price in 2015.

JASPER share prices have experienced rocket ship growth since the inception of its ESOP in 2009. JASPER Chairman/CEO Doug Bawel was thrilled to announce to shareholders June 9th that the 100% Associate-Owned company’s new share price was $182.86 for 2015, up 29% over 2014!

“You have outperformed Apple, Microsoft, Ford, Google and 98% of all publically-traded companies, Bawel told Associates at the Power Drive facility. “The stock market grew by less than 2% in 2015, and you grew 29% in one year.”

Bawel told Associates that JASPER has been blessed and has so much to be thankful for. He added the company is very thankful for all the hours, efforts and Continuous Improvement ideas of our Associates in making 2015 such a success. “The total revenue of Jasper Engine & Transmission Exchange, Jasper Electric Motors, Jasper Innovative Solutions and Weller, was up 11% over 2014 and net income increased 18%,” he said. “That shows what we have done as a company, and as a family, working toward unified management, and Associate, goals.”

“What a privilege and an honor it is for me to serve as your Chairman of this Great Company,” Bawel said. “After six short years, you have become one of the top 100 ESOP companies in the United States, and we thank you.”

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