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Cable TV Update For Tuesday June 21st / Radio Updates Resume Wednesday

NNDC WJPR BANNERGood morning, after a two-week “lull,” preparations for the cable TV channel launch really ramped up on Monday!

Right in the middle of a meeting, techs from Time-Warner showed up needing to install another piece of equipment.  I should say techs from Charter Communications as the transition has now officially taken place (yes, I am as confused as you are seeing all the Time-Warner commercials still airing)!

This latest delay was brought on by the fact Charter does have different transmission requirements (for lack of a better term) than TWC.

There was also a test done between our studio and the cable company; it was successful!

Right now, we are on track to begin transmitting the week on June 30th.  Some following testing and tweaking will follow and then we hope to begin new programming between July 1st and July 5th.

As part of all this, NNDC will resume radio updates on WJPR (91.7) tomorrow (Wednesday).  These were suspended for a short time because of needed equipment work at main studio (and the fact our studio has been in disarray for the last month or so!  (But for good reason of course!)

As part of our expansion, we will be providing more up-to-the-minute updates on radio including breaking news.  We will also be adding a new station in the near future so this is a very exciting time for us!

“Stay tuned!”



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