Two Injured; One Arrested After Scooters Collide (VIDEO)

Jasper (NNDC) – A father and son were injured when their scooters collided with each other Wednesday evening along Portersville Road at about 8:30PM…

(text of video)

48-year old Shannon Adcox of Jasper told Jasper police he slowed abruptly to avoid striking a dog in the roadway.  Police say Adcox’s minor son was not able to stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision.  Police say both were partially ejected from their scooters.   Adcox’s son suffered facial fractures.  He was first treated at Memorial Hospital before being transported to St. Mary’s in Evansville.

Meanwhile, police say Adcox was under the influence of alcohol and tested .11%.   He too was transported to Memorial for treatment.  He was then taken to the Dubois County Security Center after being charged with felony OWI causing serious bodily injury and other misdemeanor OWI charges.



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