“Nothing Better Than The Naked Eye” (with VIDEO)

DUBOIS — A funnel cloud that was part of a mid-afternoon storm that rolled through northeast Dubois County was videotaped from two different angles.

The funnel cloud was spotted off of Indiana 545 Tuesday afternoon about two miles southeast of Dubois.

The funnel cloud did reach down far enough to cause sustained winds for a short time of 65-70 miles an hour. The funnel cloud was over a very remote area so the only damage from the high winds were downed trees and limbs; one of which did land on top of a power line that was later repaired.

Tammy Humbert with the Dubois County Emergency Management Office says the naked eye is better than any radar today in confirming funnel clouds and tornadoes…

Luke Woolems, who lives in far northeastern Dubois County also videotaped the funnel cloud…

Below is the video taken of the funnel cloud looking north off of Indiana 545 by Dubois fireman Zach Eichmiller…

It was fellow Dubois fireman Brent Hopf who reported the funnel cloud to the Dubois County Communications Center.

Humbert says the funnel cloud sighting was cause for the county’s emergency sirens to sound at about 3:45PM.”’

Humbert says her office was very pleased to get such good video of the funnel cloud as both were taken from a safe distance. She warns against anyone “Storm-chasing” in order to get a picture or video.

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