New Library Website Answers Questions; Clears Up Misconceptions (AUDIO)


Jasper (NNDC) – The Jasper Public Library has launched a new website designed to better inform the public as the library moves forward with a proposed referendum it’s board of directors says is needed to pay for the construction of a new library at the site of the former Hoosier Desk factory in Jasper.

The library’s director, Christine Golden says the website attempts to answer and all questions the public may have regarding the referendum as well as clear up any confusion the public may have about not only the referendum, but also about the proposed new library itself which initial plans call for it to be part of a proposed “Jasper Cultural Center” shared with the Jasper Arts Commission…

The referendum, which will be on the November ballot will ask for taxpayers of Jasper and those in Bainbridge Township to approve up to $6,500,000 for a new library.

Golden says the website also addresses what will happen if the referendum is not approved…

Golden says the website will be updated regularly with the latest information possible.

Golden says, “We want everyone to be completely informed when they go to vote in November.”


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