Holland Siren To Be Re-Tested Today At 1:30PM

Holland (NNDC) – The emergency siren located in Holland will be tested at 1:30PM today.

The siren is being retested after it did sound during a routine month test June 1st.

Tammy Humbert with the Dubois County Emergency Management Agency says if the siren does not work after this second test, repairs will have to be made.  She also says today’s test will hopefully help local officials pinpoint the cause as to why the siren is not working and begin making the necessary repairs.

Humbert says, in the meantime, her office as well as the Holland town officials, including the fire department, are encouraging all residents of Holland to make sure their weather radios have fresh batteries and are ready to notify you of any severe weather coming to the area.

Humbert says, “We also encourage ALL citizens of Dubois County to do the same as the Sirens in the county are put in place as a back up to notify residents of threatening weather that is approaching.   Sirens are not to replace your own notification process such as a NOAA weather radios.”

Humbert says if any has any questions, to please feel free to contact the Dubois County EMA office at 812-482-2202.

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