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Protecting Flowers; Plants From Cold Overnight Temperatures (VIDEO)

Jasper (NNDC) – The forecast is calling for very cold overnight temperatures Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

If you have a garden or flower beds that are already blooming or will soon start to, we visited a local nursery to ask for tips on what you can do to protect them from these frigid temperatures…


We asked the folks at Green Thumb Nurseries what folks can do to protect their gardens and flowers in these very cold temperatures…

(Natalie Combs on camera talking about covering them even sprinkling water on them when the sun comes up. She says prolonged cold will damage the plants and flowers so all you can do is hopefully mitigate the damage.)

Combs says if your protected plants get damaged wait for warmer temperatures and then simply prune the damaged ends. The plant should recover just fine.

For those with gardens, Combs says there are some plants that are susceptible to the cold…

(Natalie on camera – Heartier plants like lettuce and cabbage will be ok in the cold, but more delicate plants like cauliflower and spinach, you will want to cover.)

Combs says she does not expect the cold temperatures to be as bad as they were seven years ago. That cold snap did real damage to not only flowers and gardens locally, but in nearby forest areas as well.

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