2016 LCM Physician’s Award Nominees Announced

LCM NomineesJasper (NNDC) – Six local physicians have been nominated for this year’s Little Company of Mary Outstanding Physician Award presented by Jasper’s Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center.

The six are Adam Dawkins, M.D., Linda Hanekamp, D.O., Jane Parker, M.D., Sohail Qadir, M.D., Andrew Rader, D.P.M., and David Rizk, M.D.

This will be the fourth year for the award which will be presented by the Medical Staff President during Memorial Hospital’s Medical Staff Appreciation Banquet in April.

This award is based on outstanding job performance reflecting Memorial Hospital’s Mission Statement and the Core Values of Respect for Human Dignity, Compassionate Caring, Stewardship, Quality and Justice.

To be accepted as a nominee, a physician must be classified as a member of the hospital’s Active Medical Staff for a minimum of twelve months and be in good standing with the Medical Staff.

PHOTO: Memorial Hospital & Health Care Center

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