New Test Needs To “Evolve” Says Local School Official (VIDEO)

Ferdinand (NNDC) – Tuesday, Governor Pence signed new legislation that will do away with the ISTEP test in 2017. Forest Park’s Jamie Pund says whatever new assessment test the state comes up with needs to evolve to meet the constantly changing world our kids are growing up in…

(STORY SCRIPT) – With students at Zionsville’s Eagle Elementary school looking on Tuesday, Governor Pence signed the bill that will abolish the embattled ISTEP test after the 2016-17 school year.

The state legislature approved the measure earlier this month that also creates a 23-member panel to study other testing options for Hoosier students.

One local school principal says ISTEP’s problems made the tests almost irrelvant, especially when results are delayed…

(DR. PUND ON CAMERA –“For example, nine months or a year after the test has already taken place is not all that relevant for us. So, hopefully, whatever is coming down the way is something that teachers, students and parents can use.”)

ISTEP results were delayed by months for the 2015 test, and other problems have plagued the test over its 16 years in existence, including scoring discrepancies and technical glitches.

Pund says new assessment testing will need to address the constantly changing world our kids are growing up and learning in…

(DR. PUND ON CAMERA – “The thing about education right now is that its constantly evolving. I always say the students we have here at Forest Park now are very different from the students we had here 10 years ago; 20 years ago. Our kids are changing. So, I think the challenge that we have is constantly looking at our kids; looking at the needs of our kids, and staying up to date… staying progressive with what the state and the federal government are asking us to do. Yet, looking at what our needs are locally; what do our kids need and finding the balance.”)

The 23-member panel will include superintendent of public instruction Glenda Ritz, several elected officials, teachers and principals. Pence will appoint the chairperson. Appointments are expected in May, and recommendations for an ISTEP alternative are due by Dec. 1.

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