Voting Locations Approved By Commissioners (AUDIO)

Jasper (NNDC) – There will be eight voting location changes for the upcoming Indiana primary election.

The Dubois County Commissioners approved the changes Monday.

County commissioner Larry Vollmer says the changes will ensure all voting locations will now have two what are called electronic poll pads so a backup is on site if one should happen to malfunction.  Vollmer says a poll pad breakdown would cause delays for people wanting to vote…

Here are the approved voting location changes…

Cass 2 precinct voters will now cast their ballots at the Huntingburg Event Center.

Boone 1 voters move to St. Mary’s Church in Ireland.

Harbison 1 voters will now cast their votes at Jasper Middle School.

Marion 2 voters at the Celestine Community Center.

Columbia voters move to Dubois Middle School.

Marion 1 to Dubois Middle School.

Harbison 2 to Dubois Middle School.

Jackson 2 voters will now cast their vote at the St. Anthony Community Club.

Also voters in Jefferson 1 (Schnellville) and Jefferson 2 (Birdseye) will continue to vote at the respective fire stations. The commissioners did discuss moving those locations at one time.

Vollmer says the location changes will also save the county about $5000 per election.

The Indiana primary is Tuesday, May 3rd.

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