Police Remind Drone Users To Register

drone 3Jasper (From Sourses) – The Jasper Police Department has issued a reminder to all citizens of Jasper and Dubois County that the Federal Aviation Agency (FFA) requires the registration of every drone that weighs over .55 pounds before it is flown. The drone must be registered, must have a complaint label for identification, and carry a certificate of certification. Officials say just over two sticks of butter weighs .55 pounds.

Drones may be registered at http://www.faa.gov/uas/registration/

Police also warn that if a drone is used to peep into an occupied dwelling of another person, without consent of the other person, the operator commits voyerurism, a Class B misdemeanor which, under certain circumstances, can be enhanced to a Level 6 felony.

Citizens should contact JPD if any issues arise with the use of a drone.

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