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BIRD FLU UPDATE: No New Infections Last 24 Hours

Jasper (NNDC) – The Indiana Board of Animal Healths says there have been no new positive tests in the last 24 hours (as of 5PM EST) for Avian or “bird” flu in Dubois County.

State officials say aggressive testing continues inside the 10-km control area. In the last 24 hours, 114 commercial farms have tested  negative for influenza; 62 in the control area and 52 in the added surveillance  zone.

Birds have been humanely euthanized on seven premises, with another three premises currently underway. The depopulated turkeys will be composted in the buildings in  which they euthanized. The composting process takes about three weeks, after which time, the compost can be used agriculturally because it will not contain the virus.

An additional 155,000 hens (chickens) that are NOT infected with H7N8 have been depopulated and disposed of in a landfill. The building shares a vehicular traffic zone with the original site. No chickens are infected.

State and federal teams have visited 1,248 residences in a 10-kilometer radius control zone around the original site to search for small, backyard flocks of birds for precautionary monitoring and testing. A total of 46 backyard flocks have been found, and sampling is in progress.

A total of 182 state, federal and local responders are working in Dubois County on surveillance and response efforts.

A Unified Incident Command Post (UCP) has been established at Vincennes University Jasper Campus.  A post is staffed by a state Incident Management Team, along with federal and local partners.

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