Police Describe Three Hours Of Horror In St. Henry


St. Henry (NNDC) – The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department’s lead investigator has released details of what police say happened during a three-hour span of terror at a home just east St. Henry early Sunday morning.

Detective Sargent Tom Kleinhelter with DCSD says 25-year old Kyle Popplewell entered the house through its back door at around 2:30AM Sunday.

Kleinhelter says three people were in the home at the time including its owner, 37-year old Jeffrey Perry and two adult females.  Both were staying at the house, but did not live permanently with Perry.

Both women were sleep in their respective bedrooms.

Female 1 says she awoke to screams coming from the living room where Perry was sleeping.   She went to investigate and that’s when she found a male subject, later identified as Poppelwell, laying on top of Perry.  Female 1 yelled for Female 2 to call 911.  Female 1 then attempted to pull Popplewell off Perry.

That’s when Poppelwell turned and swung at her making contact and leaving a cut to right breast area.  Female 1 described the cut as “very painful!”

Female 2 made her way to the living room and that’s when she noticed the male intruder was Popplewell.

dasleben hausPolice say the daughter then tried to go back to her room, but Poppelwell followed her and entered the bedroom.

The girlfriend then got to a phone and called 911.  She then made it to her room when she noticed the house was quiet.  That’s when she then returned to the living room and found Perry on the couch.  Police say she rolled him over and that’s when she realized he was dead and his body had several stab wounds.

The girlfriend then yelled for the daughter, but her call was met with a loud “stay back” from Poppelwell.

It was then the daughter returned to her room and tried to close the door when Popplewell forced his way back into the room.  Female 2 told police Popplewell made her put a mattress in front of the room’s window and push a dresser in front of the bedroom door.

Kleinhelter says Female 2 was raped “several times” while police already inside the house were trying to negotiate with him to release the woman and surrender.

Female 2 told police Popplewell threatened to break the woman’s neck if she screamed!

After about a three-hour standoff, Popplewell exited the bedroom and he was taken into custody immediately.

Both women, as well as Popplewell were taken to Memorial Hospital in Jasper where all three were treated and medically cleared.

A blood draw was also taken from Popplewell for toxicology testing.  Kleinhelter said today he expects all test results to come back negative for drugs and alcohol based on his interaction with Popplewell at the house and later at the hospital and jail.

Police are not releasing what the motive was for the attacks Sunday.  Popplewell did work with one of the two females, but Kleinhelter says there is no present relationship between Popplewell and either woman.

The women were released while Popplewell was taken to the Dubois County Security Center.

He now faces seven total charges including Murder, Burglary, Criminal Confinement, Battery, Intimidation and two counts of Rape.

Popplewell was formally arraigned in Dubois Circuit Court Monday afternoon.  The court appointed Scott Blazey to represent him at this time though Popplewell’s father said he would like to get a private defense attorney if he could afford it.

A followup hearing was set for January 22nd.


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