Manley Elected City Council President Pro-tempore After Close Election (AUDIO)

Kevin Manley

Kevin Manley

JASPER (NNDC) – The Jasper City Council with its four new members has elected its current senior member Kevin Manley as President Pro-tempore of the governing body.

The vote was 4-3 for Manley with the three Democratic members of the council (Greg Schnarr, Earl Schmitt, and David Hurst) all voting with Manley to replace the now retired Tom Schmitt.

Schmitt served on the council for 40 years, the last eight as its President Pro-tempore. Schnarr and Schmitt are returning members of the council.  Hurst is a newcomer.

The three other new council members, John Bell, Dean Vonderheide, and Nancy Eckerle, all Republican, voted for Eckerle as President Pro-tempore citing her experience in leading the Jasper Chamber of Commerce for the last 25 years as the main reason in wanting her in the position.

The position is mostly ceremonial. The President Pro-tempore will preside over city council meetings when the mayor is unable to attend. Many times, a President Pro-tempore will also represent the city for ceremonial events, again when the mayor is unable to attend.

Manley says he’s excited about the new makeup of the council…

This is the first time a Jasper City Council has had a Republican majority.

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