Seitz Makes Appointments For Second Term

CityofJasper_WebLogo-300x290JASPER (NNDC) – Jasper mayor Terry Seitz has made his department head appointments for his second term in office which officially began this past Friday.

The only noticeable change from Seitz’s first term is Jeff Theising has been appointed as Jasper’s Street Commissioner replacing Rayme Eckerle who had served in the position for the past 15 years.

Seitz did not announce his choice for his office’s administrative executive.  Seitz announced just before Christmas that Lois Kuntz, who served in the post since 1993.  Kuntz had also served on the Jasper Partnership Commission since it was created in 1997 as part of the city’s “Sister Cities” partner

In 2015, Kuntz was given the German Heritage Award, sponsored by the Jasper Deutscher Verein (German Club).

Here is a list of department heads released by Mayor Seitz earlier today (Monday).

2016 Department Leader (Terms are from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2019)

James Michael Bennett, Chief of Police

Darla S. Blazey, Director of Community Development & Planning

Kenneth J. Buck, Park Director

Scott J. Eckerle, Assistant Street Commissioner

Gerald W. Hauersperger, General Manager of Utilities

Ernest E. Hinkle, Jr., Water and Gas Manager

Kenneth E. Hochgesang, Fire Chief/Code Enforcement Officer

Greg E. Hollinden, Wastewater Manager

Chad D. Hurm, City Engineer/Stormwater Manager

Renee J. Kabrick, City Attorney

Cale R. Knies, Personnel/Safety/Loss Control Director

Kitten Miracle, Arts Director

Jerald L. Schitter, Electric Distribution Manager

Nathan J. Schmitt, Assistant Chief of Police

Jeffrey S. Theising, Street Commissioner

2016 Board Appointments of Mayor Seitz

Appointee                                                                                       Term Ends

Barbara Leinenbach, Alcoholic Beverage Commission                 12-31-16

Tim Bell, Board of Public Works and Safety                                    12-31-19

Nancy Eckerle, Board of Public Works and Safety                         12-31-19

Kathy Bachman, Dubois County Museum Board                           12-31-18

Gail Hettinger, Dubois County Tourism Commission                  12-31-17

Robert Ruckriegel, Dubois County Tourism Commission           12-31-17

Scott Blazey, Hospital Authority of City of Jasper                         12-31-19

Ed Cole, Hospital Authority of City of Jasper                                 12-31-19

Greg Schnarr, IN15 Regional Planning Committee                       12-31-16

Dana Schnarr, Jasper Park Board                                                     12-31-16

Lisa Schmidt, Jasper Plan Commission                                           12-31-16

Becky Hickman, Jasper Community Arts Commission                12-31-19

Peter Ariens, Economic Development Commission                        1-31-19

Robert Whitten, Jr., Economic Development Commission           1-31-19

Irene Kapp, Partnership Commission                                              12-31-19

Max Verkamp, Partnership Commission                                         12-31-19

Rick Stradtner, Redevelopment Commission                                 12-31-16

Andrew Seger, Redevelopment Commission                                  12-31-16

John Kahle, Redevelopment Commission                                       12-31-16

Bernard Vogler, Redevelopment Commission (non-voting)        12-31-17

Roger Messmer, Stormwater Management Board                         12-31-19

Dave Hurst, Gas Sub-committee                                                        12-31-16

Earl Schmitt, Electric Sub-committee                                               12-31-16

Greg Schnarr, Wastewater Sub-committee                                      12-31-16

Kevin Manley, Water Sub-committee                                                12-31-16


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