Street Commissioner & City Administrative Assistant Will Not Be Reappointed By Mayor

dasleben hausJASPER (NNDC) – Long-time Jasper street commissioner Raymie Eckerle and city administrative assistant Lois Kuntz will not be reappointed to their respective posts after the first of the year.

Mayor Terry Seitz is in the process of making his mayoral appointees for department head and appointed board terms that begin at the first of the year.

Both positions are mayoral appointees.  Both Eckerle and Kuntz were first appointed to their respective positions by former mayor Bill Schmitt.  Kuntz joined Schmitt’s staff when the new city hall opened in 1993.

Eckerle has been with the city since 2000.  He served a four-year term on the city council prior to that.

NewsNow Dubois County has learned that both were notified this morning they are not being reappointed by Mayor Seitz who will begin his second term in office after the first of the year.

Barring a legal challenge, Seitz won a second term after a recount commission broke last month’s tie in the municipal mayoral election between Seitz and challenger Wayne Schuetter.

Kuntz was not at her desk this morning when NewsNow Dubois County visited city hall after this morning’s city board of works meeting.

Just this fall she won the German Heritage Award from the Jasper Deutscherverein (German Club) for her work not only in City Hall, but also for the Jasper Partnership Commission responsible for community relations between Jasper and its German “Sister City” of Pfaffenweiler, Germany.

Eckerle confirmed by telephone that he was not being reappointed by Seitz.   Eckerle was at work this morning. Eckerle and Seitz were Republican primary opponents in 2011 (won by Seitz). He was appointed to retain his street commissioner position for Seitz’s first term in office.

Mayor Seitz says he cannot comment on city personnel matters.

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