Schuetter Calls For Special Election; Decision Is Up To Seitz (with VIDEO)

JASPER (NNDC) – Wayne Schuetter announced this morning during a news conference aired LIVE on NewsNow Dubois County that he is calling for a special election to break the tie between and Republican first-term incumcent Jasper mayor Terry Seitz.

On Friday, a special recount commission disqualified a vote for Schuetter that broke a tie between the two men during the November 3rd general election.

Schuetter says the election should be decided by the voters of Jasper, not by a disqualifying ballot that was tossed out because it didn’t have the correct signatures on it when it was sent to an absentee voter…

Seitz is meeting with staffers this morning. He has not yet released a statement on Schuetter’s request.

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