Jasper Recount Commission Reconvenes; Hearing To Be Aired LIVE By NNDC

JASPER (NNDC) – The recount commission put in place to review votes from this past November’s municipal election in Jasper will reconvene this (Friday) morning.

The election resulted in a tie between between first-term incumbent mayor Republican Terry Seitz and his democratic challenger Wayne Schuetter.   Each received 1856 votes; independent challenger Joshua Budd received 190.

The commission will meet at 11:00AM in the Dubois County Commissioners chambers of the courthouse annex.

The recount commission will review four specific ballots now in question.

The four ballots were brought to light Monday after six recounters (three selected by Seitz and three by Schuetter) reviewed the nearly four thousand votes cast in November.

NewsNow Dubois County will LIVESTREAM the recount commission’s hearing.  To watch, go to our NewsNow Dubois County webchannel at www.newsnowdc.com and click on the red “NNDC-TV/LIVE EVENTS” button.


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