Emotional Recount Hearing Results In Second Term For Seitz; Those Involved Comment (VIDEO)

JASPER (NNDC) – At times it was tense because the City of Jasper’s top office was at stake. When the recounting commission was done, one vote less for Wayne Schuetter means a second term for Terry Seitz. The lawyers and candidates talk about the result of the commission’s work…

Schuetter has called for a news conference at 9:00AM Monday. At that time, he will either concede the election to Seitz or he can file a legal challenge to the recount commission’s findings. Schuetter does have at least two legal options available to him. One is a judicial review of the commission’s findings. That would be before special Judge Dean Sobecki of Daviess County who is overseeing the recount. Schuetter could also appeal the recount and judicial review before the state appellate court.

Any legal challenge must be filed by the end of the day on Monday.

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