BREAKING: Seitz Gets Needed Vote To Win Second Term

JASPER (NNDC) – The appointed recount commission to help determine a winner in the Jasper Mayoral Election last month has determined that Republican incumbent Terry Seitz has won a second term in office.

The recount commission voted 2-1 to disqualify an early voting paper ballot cast for Democratic incumbent Wayne Schuetter.  The disqualified vote makes the final vote total 1856 for Seitz, 1855 for Schuetter.

The discarded vote did not have the required two signatures required before it was mailed out to the voter requesting it verifying the ballot’s authenticity.

The ballot and its votes were included in the final vote totals certified by Dubois County Clerk Bridgette Jarboe on November 4th, the day after the election.

In a news release issued by his office minutes after the commission made its decision, Seitz wrote…

“I am thoroughly honored and delighted to be re-elected Mayor of Jasper.  I respect Special Judge, the Hon. Dean A. Sobecki, and all members of the recount commission for the job they performed in accordance to Indiana law.  Since November 3, I’ve learned a great deal about election law and a little about Indiana history, including the fact that a tie election is very rare, especially when nearly 4,000 votes were cast.

I want to thank my wife, Deena Lewis, and my daughters, Kristen Ruhe and Lori Werner as well as their families for being with me every step of the way. Thank you to our legal team of David Brooks and Samantha DeWester and those citizens who agreed to play a role when we asked:  Merrill Osterman, Melissa Osterman, Stan Jochum and John Snyder. 

I also wish to commend the professionalism of Dubois County Clerk, Bridgette Jarboe, her staff, and our County Election Board.  Finally, thanks to those who provided financial and spiritual support.

I extend my best to Mr. Schuetter and expect him to continue to serve as my appointee to the Jasper Utility Service Board.  The one common thread in all that has happened is that your vote matters.  Please vote in 2016 and beyond.  One vote can make a difference.

In closing, I find the words of the past are often applicable to current circumstances. I have a quote for today about the events which have occurred since Election Day. The author is unknown: “I can choose to let them define me, confine me, refine me and outshine me – or I can choose to leave them behind me.”

I am choosing the latter and ask the people of Jasper to join me in building upon the framework of success we’ve established the last four years, the actions already underway and new opportunities ahead.”

After the commission hearing, Schuetter says he was disappointed the outcome but proud of the campaign he ran. He says he will consult with his legal counsel, Bill Groth of Indianapolis and his local party officials as to any possible appeal.

Groth tells NewsNow Dubois County, “its unfortunate this election comes down to a clerical error made by the clerk’s office.

Meanwhile, Jarboe says she cannot comment on the change in vote total as the recount is still under the jurisdiction of special judge Dean Sobecki of Daviess County.

Seitz’s attorney David Brooks, who has been involved in several election recounts in Indiana, called the 2015 local municipal election one of the best run and organized he’s ever seen and credits Jarboe and her staff for that!

Scheutter says he plans to hold a news conference on Monday.

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