Help With Cash Rent Decisions Available To Farmers

new_online_tool_assist_difficult_cash_rent_decisions_1_635724688418870388WEST LAFAYETTE (From Sources) – A new online tool is available to assist farmers in making difficult cash rent decisions. The tool helps farmers determine what prices they should pay or can afford to pay for cash rent based on their personal budgets over many years.

Purdue’s Center for Commercial Agriculture is hosting a free webinar tomorrow (Friday, December 18) for farmers on making those long-term cash rent decisions for the next years’ crops. With grain prices returning to more “traditional” ranges, many farmers are quickly re-examining crop production inputs, including current cash rents.

The free webinar, entitled “Making Long-Term Cash Rent Decisions Using a Cash-Rent Decision Tool” begins at 9 a.m. (EST) and will discuss a simple cash rent decision tool to help farmers make challenging decisions on evaluating next year’s rent prices.

Registration for the free webinar is available at

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