Jasper Recount Uncovers Four Votes To Be Challenged (VIDEO)

UPDATED: JASPER (NNDC) Monday’s physical recount of the now-tied Jasper mayoral election uncovered four votes that will be formally challenged at a hearing on Friday.

The votes, two by the Republican recounters and two by the Democratic recounters will be challenged before the specially-appointed recount commission at 11AM in the Commissioners Room of the Dubois County Annex building.

The recount commission was formally sworn-in to oversee Monday’s physical recounting of the nearly four-thousand votes that were cast for this past November’s municipal election.

Jasper’s incumbent Republican Terry Seitz and his Democratic challenger Wayne Schuetter went home the night of November 3rd not knowing who won the election.

In addition to the commission, six recounters, and lawyers for both canditdates were all carefully watching the what transpired from the basement of Jasper’s City Hall…

The recount is a legal process afforded to the candidates in the event of a tie, or closer than normal election. Mayor Seitz formally filed for the recount.

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