ISP Issues Scam Alert

Scam Alert 2JASPER (From Sources) – Indiana State Police received reports last evening that people in Southern Indiana are being contacted by telephone by scammers pretending to be representatives of Vectren Energy and Duke Energy, saying a technician is on their way to shut off power service unless you immediately pay them using a credit card. Police say this is a scam and you should not give your credit card information over the telephone simply because someone calls you and says you must do so.

In in another matter, Sgt. Phil Hensley of the Jasper Post says, “I spoke to a woman yesterday who told me she was just contacted by someone who told her she had passed a bad check nine years ago, and that a warrant for her arrest had been issued, but she could clear up the matter by paying $3000.” According to Hensley, the trend in scamming is to pretend to be a representative of a company that you are familiar with, and pressure you and guilt you into believing that you have done something wrong. The easiest thing to do is immediately hang up the phone and end the call. If you do not recognize the phone number calling you, you do not have to answer the call… if it is important enough, the caller will leave you a voicemail. Do not provide any of your personal or financial information over the telephone. Residents are urged to stay aware and stay on offense against these criminals.

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