Police Commend Mom Who Called Police Concerned Her Son Was “Huffing Duster” (AUDIO)

JASPER (NNDC) – Jasper police arrested an 18-year old young man after receiving a call from his mother who was concerned her son was involved in possible drug activity Sunday evening at a local park.

Jasper police say they received a call at about 11:00PM from Jace McKinney’s mother who told police her son was huffing duster at Bohnert Park and she was concerned about her son’s health and welfare.

Police say they found an empty can of duster in the area where McKinney was believed to have been in the park on south Meridian Road.

He was later located outside a residence in the 1300 block of Briarcliff Parkway.

JPD says McKinney allegedly admitted to illegally abusing duster and the can officers found was his.

JPD detective Sgt. Rick Chambers commends the young man’s mother.¬† He says the call was her looking out for what she thought was in the best interest of her child…

McKinney is charged with a Class B misdemeanor count of inhaling toxic vapors.

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