Seitz Attorney Files For Recount (AUDIO)

David Brooks

David Brooks

JASPER (NNDC) – There will be a recount in the recently declared tie mayor election in Jasper. Indianapolis-based attorney David Brooks, on behalf of incumbent Mayor Terry Seitz, filed for a recount for the 2015 Jasper mayoral election results that resulted in a tie between Seitz and Democratic challenger Wayne Schuetter.  Both received 1,856 votes each. The votes were certified the day after the election (November 4th) by Dubois County Clerk Bridgette Jarboe attested by county election board representatives Roger Messme (Republican) and Mike Fritch (Democrat).  A new election committee will oversee the recount. State law required any recount challenge be filed by tomorrow, November 17th. Brooks says its not know is how how long it will take to complete a recount, but he says a recount is the right thing at this point…

Brooks says if the recount also results in a tie, then state statute mandates the current city council select a the Jasper mayor for the next four years. The current council is currently made up of four Democrats and three Republicans.  January 1st the makeup of the council changes to four Republicans and three Democrats. Brooks acknowledges vote challenges are few if the recount also results in a tie even with the change in the makeup of the new council…

If the current city council is put in position to choose the mayor, that must be done so by December 31st.

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