Seitz Waits As Spinner Celebrates; GOP Will Hold Majorities On Both City Councils While Ferdinand Council Stays In-Tact (VIDEO)

Tim Wehr and his wife Jackie celebrating with supporters Tuesday night after winning the Huntingburg City Council At-Large seat.  PHOTO: Tim Wehr

Tim Wehr and his wife Jackie celebrating with supporters Tuesday night after winning the Huntingburg City Council At-Large seat.
PHOTO: Tim Wehr

HUNTINGBURG (NNDC) – Four years ago this evening, long-time friends and college roommates Terry Seitz and Denny Spinner won their first elections in local politics.  Seitz was elected Mayor of Jasper; Spinner was to become the Mayor of Huntingburg.

It was also the first time that Republicans held both of Dubois County’s mayoral offices at the same time.

Both had hope to win a second term in office Tuesday night.  Spinner accomplished that goal, but Seitz will have to wait at least a little while whether or not he reports to work at City Hall come January 1st.

It’s well known now that Seitz and his Democratic challenger Wayne Schuetter ended Tuesday night’s election in a tie (1856 votes each).  (CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON WHAT IS TO HAPPEN TO DECIDE THE RACE)

While Seitz waits to see if he’s won a second term, his friend Spinner cruised to an easy win over Democratic challenger Ron Drew, the former Huntingburg police

Spinner was elected with 793 votes; Drew got 447 votes.

Fellow Republicans also did well in local city council races.

In Huntingburg, GOP Steve McPherron held off a challenge by Democrat Tina Dearing (208-141) and retains his District 3 seat.  In the only other contested city council race in Huntingburg, Independent Tim Wehr defeated Republican Vickie Lewis (627-569) for the council’s at-large seat that is being vacated at the end of the year after Republican Amy Lehr decided not to seek reelection.

Meanwhile, Wehr will not be the only Independent on the Huntingburg City Council come the first of the year.  Kerry Blessinger ran unopposed for the council’s District 4 seat.  Blessinger takes over the seat vacated by the retiring Linda Summers.  Summer is the only Democrat on the current council.

Republicans did hold onto seats in District 1 with Glen Kissling, District 2 with Jeff Bounds.  Both were in uncontested races Tuesday.  Bounds defeated incumbent Republican Alex Blackgrove in the GOP primary back in May.

Back in Jasper, Republicans will hold a majority for the first time ever.  Democrats currently hold a 4-3 majority on the current governing body, but that will become 4-3 GOP come the first of the year.

The change in majority occurred when Republican Dean Vonderheide won the second of two city council At-Large seats.  He and Nancy Eckerle were the top two vote getters Tuesday.  Both defeated two Democrats including Randy Buchta, a Democrat who was seeking re-election.  Republican Ray Howard currently holds an At-Large council seat; he is retiring at the end of the year.  The vote totals were Eckerle (R) 2357, Vonderheide (R) 1834, Buchta (D) 1663 and Alex Emmons (D) 1327.

Meanwhile, Republican John Bell defeated Democratic challenger Adam Auffart (650-381) for the District 3 seat current held by Republican Dave Prechtel who is retiring at the end of the year.

Though he has to wait to see if he’s elected to a second term in office, Seitz calls the wins by Eckerle, Vonderheide and Bell “game changers…”

Meanwhile, fellow Republican Kevin Manley ran unopposed for another term in the 6th District. Democrats held onto seats in District 4 as David Hurst defeated GOP challenger Brittany Brockman (Hurst takes over for retiring councilman Tom Schmidt who will complete 40 years on the council at the end of the year (and in District 2 as Greg Schnarr ran opposed for a second term in office. (NOTE: There is no District 1 in Jasper).

And in Ferdinand, the town council will remain all Democratic as both Ron Weyer (At-Large) and Debbie Johnson (District 2) were unopposed.  In District 1, incumbent and current town council president Ken Sicard easily held off a challenger by Independent Don Furina, Sr. (458-149).

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