Local Couple Arrested For Felony Domestic Battery Against Each Other

HURDLE LIVELYJASPER (NNDC) – A Jasper couple now faces charges of felony Domestic Battery following an incident Sunday morning at the townhouse apartment they share.

Jasper police were called to the townhouse at 26 Canterbury Court shortly after 9:00AM on a call of a domestic dispute.

When JPD officers arrived they found bruising, a bite mark and a cut on 25-year old John Hurdle (pictured left).  Officers also say they discovered bruising on his female roommate, 24-year old Rachel Lively (pictured right).

JPD says the alleged battery on each other took place in the presence of a four-year old child so both Hurdle and Lively are charged with a Level 6 count of Domestic Battery.

Dubois County Child Protective Services was called by police to assist in the investigation.


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