Superior Ag Contributes To Huntingburg Stellar Endowment

              (Left to Right) Dubois County Community Foundation Director Brad Ward, Superior Ag CEO Barry Day, and Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner.

HUNTINGBURG (From Sources) – Superior Ag has contributed to the city of Huntingburg endowment as part of their Stellar Community Project. These funds will be provided to the Huntingburg Stellar Endowment over the next five years.

“The Stellar Community Project has brought and continues to bring great improvements to Huntingburg,” said Barry Day, CEO of Superior Ag. “Superior Ag is proud to be investing in this great community and its future development.”

Superior Ag is headquartered in Huntingburg with more than 180 employees throughout southwestern Indiana.

“Superior Ag has historically been a supporter of community projects in the areas in which they serve,” said Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner. “We are extremely honored that this commitment has extended to support the Huntingburg Stellar Communities Projects. Their pledge helps reinforce the impact of the program, not only in Huntingburg, but for the region as well.”

Huntingburg was designated as a Stellar Community by the state of Indiana in August 2014. It is one of 10 communities in Indiana to receive this designation. The Huntingburg Stellar Endowment, managed by the Dubois County Community Foundation, ensures the sustainability of these developments.

“I want to sincerely thank President and CEO Barry Day and the entire Superior Ag board of directors for partnering with the city of Huntingburg and leveraging their relationships to further the Stellar vision for Huntingburg,” Spinner continued. “Working through the Dubois County Community Foundation with all our partners provides the means to not only complete projects, but sustain them for years to come.”
Superior Ag is owned and controlled by a local farmer-member board. Serving southwestern Indiana, the cooperative provides its member-customers exceptional agronomy, feed, energy and grain products and services in southwestern Indiana, northern Kentucky and the bordering regions of Illinois. Superior Ag strives to bring valuable solutions to improve their members’ yields and bottom lines.

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