A Night Of “Hanging Out” Turns Violent; Lands Two In Jail On Felony Charges



HUNTINGBURG (NNDC) – Two people were arrested early Tuesday morning after a night of “hanging out” apparently turned violent.

Arrested were 22-year old Jessica Fulkerson and 22-year old Andrew Burch. Both live next door to each other in the 600 block of North Washington Street.

Huntingburg police say earlier in the evening, Fulkerson, 22-year old Brittany Bicknell and 22-year old Michael Fryou were all “hanging out” at Fulkerson’s house. But, HPD says when Bicknell and Fryou decided they wanted to leave, Fulkerson became angry with them and jumped into the vehicle Bicknell and Fryou were attempting to leave in. HPD says when Fryou tried to remove Fulkerson from the vehicle, Fulkerson punched him in the face.

Police say Bicknell and Fryou were able to leave and return to their home in 400 block of East 4th Street. Then, shortly after midnight, Fryou and Bicknell heard banging coming from their front door. Fryou told police that when he opened the door, Fulkerson forced her way inside the residence. She went into a bedroom and then sat down. Fryou told police that when he tried and ordered her to leave, she punched him again.

HPD says at about the same time, Burch entered the residence and began attacking Fryou. HPD says Bicknell was able to call 911 and when she did, both Fulkerson and Burch left the residence.

HPD says a short time later while they were investigating at Fulkerson’s home on Washington, Burch was seen jumping off Fulkerson’s porch and running into his house next door. A police officer gave chase.



At Burch’s home, the homeowner, 67-year old Mary Burch told the officer Andrew was not inside. But, the officer heard noises coming from the back of the house and when he went to look, he saw Burch coming out of the house’s backdoor. But, when Andrew Burch saw the officer, Burch went back inside the house.

At that time, backup officers were called in and consent was given for police to search the house.

Andrew Burch was found in the cellar of the house. Police say they located syringes, glass smoking devices, and bag containing a small amount of marijuana in Andrew’s bedroom. Both Andrew Burch and Jessica Fulkerson were taken into custody.

Andrew Burch is charged with Level 6 felonies of Battery, Possession of a Syringe, and Residential Burglary along with misdemeanor counts of Resisting Arrest, Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana and Disorderly Conduct.

Meanwhile, HPD says Fulkerson is charged with a Level 6 felony count of Residential Burglary and a Class B misdemeanor count of Battery.

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