Man Stops To Remove Deer From Road; Ends Up In Jail On His 50th Birthday

MarinJASPER (NNDC) – A Kentucky man stops to remove a deer from a south Jasper highway and later on finds himself in jail.

Jasper police say an officers stopped at the scene of an apparent car / deer accident along the Indinaa 162 Bypass at about 9:45 Friday evening.

JPD says when the officer arrived on scene, the driver of another car then left the scene at a high rate of speed going eastbound on the Bypass.

JPD says the officer followed the vehicle for about a half-mile before the second vehicle stopped.  JPD says the officer determined that the driver of the vehicle, Pedro Marin of Fairdale, KY, was intoxicated.

Police say Marin was taken to Memorial Hospital for blood draw.  His blood alcohol content tested .14 %.

Police later learned that Marin’s car was not the one that struck the deer but that had stopped to remove the deer from the roadway.   Friday was also Marin’s 50th birthday.

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