Technical Woes Silence WTJW Radio

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Off Air 3JASPER (NNDC) – Catholic radio station WTJW, which went on the air for the first time Sunday afternoon, is off the air temporarily due to technical difficulties with its transmitter.

Steve Luegers of Tri-State Catholic Radio says, “On Saturday evening as we were testing equipment and preparing to go live for our launch party, our engineer, Ralph Turpen, discovered that our brand new transmitter was not working. He  determined that it was defective and would need to be replaced. So late Saturday night Ralph drove from Jasper to the west side of Evansville to retrieve a lower power used transmitter that could operate the station until our replacement transmitter arrives. WTJW went live around noon on Sunday and was transmitting within the city limits of Jasper and beyond in some areas. On Monday morning we had a brief disruption in transmission that was quickly solved. At some point yesterday (Tuesday) mid-afternoon, the transmission started cutting in and out and eventually went off the air. Ralph drove in last night and found that the smaller transmitter had overheated and then failed. It is no longer useable and unfortunately WTJW is off the air for the time being. We are awaiting our replacement transmitter as well as an identical back-up transmitter which should arrive today or tomorrow. It will be installed immediately and should be up to full power covering all of Dubois County.”

Luegers went on to say he appreciates the public’s patience with the station’s growing pains and would welcome their prayers.

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