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JPD Talks About Credit Card Skimming Devices & How To Protect Yourself (VIDEO)

JASPER (NNDC) – On the heels of Thursday’s report of two skimming devices found in Jasper on two separate gas pumps at the two separate Huck’s convenience stores in Jasper, has raised questions locally about credit/debit card security at the gas pump.

Laura Grammer with Ackerman Oil Company says thieves today are very sophisticated and her company is constantly improving credit/debt card identity theft to protect customers.

She says her company started using security tape/seal on their pumps several years ago. If a customer or even an employees sees the security tape/seal broken on a pump, that pump might be compromised. She says store employees are also required to physically inspect the pumps regularly each shift.

She says another security measure Ackerman Oil uses is requiring personal credit/debit card users to type in the zip code associated with the credit/debit card’s billing address on the gas pump being used.

“We do this not for us, but to protect our customers,” says Grammer. “Again, it’s incredible to what lengths thieves will go to get people’s credit card numbers!”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Carmi, Illinois-based Huck’s says his company is doing everything in its power to stay ahead of credit card skimmers and has already initiated improving gas pump security measures including using a tape/seal system similar to the one used by Ackerman Oil Company and others.

Yesterday’s report of the found skimming devices also raised other security questions for gas pump customers, including questions from people who may have used the two pumps the skimming devices were found on. We asked those questions to JPD detective Sgt. Rick Chambers…

Also, Chamber says access to the compromised gas pumps has brought additional attention to security measures not only for stores/gas stations but for the pump manufacturers as well. Access to many pumps is by a so-called “universal key” from the manufacturer which JPD believes was used to gain access to the two pumps at both Hucks stores.


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