State Board of Accounts Awards Jasper Resident with Distinguished Honor

Pictured (L-R): Paul Joyce, Tom Alles, Mike Bozymski

INDIANAPOLIS (Local Source) – On August 27, 2015, Tom Alles of Jasper received the Richard L. Worley Award for Supervisor of the year. State Examiner Paul Joyce and Deputy State Examiner Mike Bozymski traveled to Jasper from Indianapolis to present the award in person (pictured).

Richard Worley was first appointed as a field examiner in 1941 and rose through the ranks to become State Examiner in 1965. The Award is presented annually through a process that takes into account an individual’s overall career with the Board of Accounts and their impact on their fellow field examiners, local officials and the citizens that we are there to represent.

Tom Alles spent 35 years of dedicated service assisting thousands of local public officials as a field examiner and an auditor in charge with the Board of Accounts. For the last few years Alles had been focusing on training and supervising newer examiners in the area of special investigations.

State Examiner Joyce said, “Tom’s impact on local government will be felt for years to come”. This award is given each year to an individual who has made outstanding contribution in public service, personal initiative and leadership. Alles attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York and graduated in 1980 from Indiana University-Bloomington with a B.S. Degree in Accounting. Alles and his wife Ellen reside in Jasper.

The Indiana State Board of Accounts is dedicated to providing the citizens of the State of Indiana with complete confidence in the integrity and financial accountability of state and local government. For more information, visit

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