Dubois County Crop Harvest Begins And So Far; So Good!

JASPER (NNDC) – Corn harvest is now underway in Dubois County and local farmers are taking advantage of the recent excellent fall harvest weather!

Crop surveys completed by Purdue Extension – Dubois County today found local farmers had begun to harvest county crops due thanks to dry, breezy weather with temperatures in the upper 80’s.

County corn harvest is currently at 38%, with much of this spring’s earlier planted corn being harvested throughout the county.  Reported moistures for local crops ranged from 19% to 26%, with dry down times and moistures varying greatly from farm to farm and even field to field due to differences in corn varieties and local soil and field conditions.  Fields not experiencing mid-summer flooding have been reported to be at or above normal yields at harvest. Additional farmers are expecting to begin harvest this week as the corn crop continues to mature.

Soybean harvest has also begun in limited areas of the county, with 3% of the crop being harvested with most fields still dropping leaves as plants continue to mature.  Double crop soybean growers should scout soybean fields for insects, especially as we move later into the season, as these greener fields will be especially attractive to many soybean pests as full season soybeans continue to dry down.

Limited seeding of winter wheat has begun, with farmers reminded that the establishment of wheat should be after the wheat “fly-free” date of October 7th to significantly reduce the chance of Hessian fly infestations and eventual crop losses.

armers taking advantage of winter cover crops such as wheat, rye, barley, and other cereal grains should remember that this fly date applies to these crops as well.

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