Planning Grant Awarded To Ireland For 2016 Bicentennial

IRELAND (Local Sources) – Dubois County Community Foundation has announced a $25,000 planning grant to the Town of Ireland to establish the Ireland Vision in honor of Ireland’s bicentennial in 2016.

The Community Foundation’s website will provide an outlet for residents to provide suggestions and ideas for the town through Friday, October 9.
“As Ireland prepares to celebrate 200 years, it is an ideal time to think on the future and leverage its small town charm and community pride for continued population growth and development opportunities,” said Brad Ward, CEO of Dubois County Community Foundation.

A steering committee comprised of Ireland residents and community leaders were tasked with the oversight of the Ireland Vision plan and hiring of a design firm to guide the process.

Design Firm Taylor Siefker Williams of Indianapolis was selected to lead the community planning process. Taylor Siefker Williams assisted Huntingburg with mapping out some of its Stellar Communities projects and plans to assist Ireland develop in a similar fashion.

The design group will collect input from the community as well as work with an Ireland Vision steering committee before presenting vision plan recommendations during the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in March. This plan will serve as a blueprint for growth and development.

The Ireland Vision Plan will create a long-term vision for the town of Ireland, including amenities and characteristics that can enhance and improve the town’s ability to support population growth and maintain its small town charm well into the future.

“If you are an Ireland community member or find yourself a frequent visitor of Ireland, the Ireland Vision Plan Committee wants your feedback,” said Ward.

All are welcome to participate via an online form by logging onto and clicking the Ireland Vision Survey link to take a short, five minute questionnaire.

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