Republicans To Caucus To Fill Vacancy Left By Resignation Of Huntingburg Councilman

Alex Blackgrove (third from left) was a member of Huntingburg's successful Stellar Communities effort. Blackgrove announced his resignation from the council Thursday.

Now former Huntingburg City Councilman Alex Blackgrove (fourth from left) was a member of Huntingburg’s successful Stellar Communities effort. Blackgrove announced his resignation from the council Thursday as he and his family have moved out of District 2.

HUNTINGBURG (From Dubois County Republicans) – A caucus of Republican Precinct Committeepersons will be held on September 30, 2015 to fill a vacancy on the Huntingburg City Created created by the resignation of District 2 councilmanAlex Blackgrove.  Dubois County Republican Party Chairman Don Hayes will chair the caucus.

Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner made the announcement during Thursday night’s council meeting.  Blackgrove’s resignation is effective immediately.

Blackgrove has moved out of District 2 so he is no longer able to represent residents of the district.

Blackgrove was defeated by Jeff Bounds in this past May’s primary for the Republican nomination for the District 2 seat in the upcoming election in Noveber.

Dubois County Republican Party Chairman Don Hayes says state law specifies the procedures to be followed in filling vacancies in elected offices.  If a county, city, town or township official was elected to the office as the candidate of a major political party, then in most cases, a political party caucus is called to fill the vacancy. The governor replaces all county level judges and city court judges if a vacancy occurs.

Generally, the same eligibility requirements that apply to a candidate in a primary election or a convention apply to a candidate who seeks to be selected by a caucus to fill a vacancy.  However, the person who vacated the office is not eligible to be chosen by the caucus to fill the vacancy.

A candidate to fill a vacancy must file a declaration of candidacy with the county chair at least 72 hours before the time of the scheduled caucus.  The declaration of candidacy form (CEB-5) is available from the Indiana Election Division or the office of the Dubois County Clerk.

For more information about the caucus procedure, call Republican Party Headquarters at 812-630-8558.

Alex Blackgrove was elected to represent the Second District on Huntingburg’s City Council In 2011.  Alex and his family are moving out of the district but will remain residents of the city.

“Alex did an outstanding job representing the Second District and all the citizens of Huntingburg during his time in office,” Mayor Denny Spinner said.

His attention to detail when it came to fiscal matters provided a responsible voice for taxpayers. His work as a member of the Stellar Communities Committee was a key to Huntingburg earning that designation.”

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