Mary “Katy” Burch Being Investigated For Probation Violation (VIDEO)

HUNTINGBURG (NNDC) – Local animal advocates say Mary “Katy” Burch is in violation of her probation for her animal cruelty conviction last year.

Friday, officers with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department, the Huntingburg Police Department and others visited Burch’s home on North Washington Street to investigate the allegation.

Police acknowledge there were dogs in the house Friday (a violation of her probation). The Animal Control Team (ACT) of Dubois County wanted Burch arrested Friday, but she wasn’t. Police say the law is specific on what they can and cannot do in a case like…

Burch is believed to be living in the house. She and the house survived an effort earlier this year by the City of Huntingburg to have the house demolished because of its condition. Burch has not returned our calls requesting an interview.

NNDC will have a followup story Monday.

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