Motorists Warned Not To Use Shiloh Church Parking Lot As Shortcut Around Light

ShilohJASPER (Local Sources) – The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department says motorists who use the parking lot of a far westside church as a shortcut is putting the safety of children at risk and has issued a plea to drivers who so to stop!

DCSD says Shiloh United Methodist Church, located at Indiana 56 and North 350 West, operates a preschool. DCSD says vehicles cut through the church’s parking lot to avoid a traffic light and sometimes heavy traffic at the intersection, especially during the morning and evening commutes.

DCSD’s Sgt. Stuart Wilson says motorists who use the parking lot to avoid the light are posing what he calls a “large safety risk to children who are being dropped off at the preschool, especially in the morning hours.

Wilson the so many cars are using the church’s lot as a shortcut around the light, church officials contacted Sheriff Donny Lampert on Tuesday about their concerns.

Wilson goes on to say, “the safety of the preschool’s children is of the utmost importance. Obviously, anyone traveling at an unsafe speed near children concerns deputies with the sheriff’s department. Please use patience and care while on your morning commute in the area to keep everyone safe.”

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