Police Eradicate Approximately 269 Marijuana Plants In SW Dubois County

HOLLAND (Local Sources) – Officers with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department and the Indiana State Police eradicated approximately 269 marijuana plants in Southwestern Dubois County this morning.

Law enforcement officers previously located three separate plots of marijuana growing inside corn fields near Holland, Indiana.

Both the Indiana State Police and the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department frequently fly over Dubois County in an effort to attempt to locate any illegal marijuana grow operations in the area.

After confirming the existence of the three plots, the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department worked with the Dubois County Prosecutor’s Office to obtain a warrant that allowed them to place surveillance equipment around the plots in order to monitor any activity in the area.

However, due to the large quantity and size of the plants, law enforcement entered the corn fields this morning and eradicated approximately 269 plants.

The investigation into the individuals who planted and maintained these three plots is ongoing at this time.

Anyone with information concerning these plots is asked to contact Narcotics Officer John Anderson at (812) 639-9055 or (812) 482-3522.

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