UPDATE: City Will Pay For Remaining $180,000 With Casino Funds (VIDEO)

UPDATE: The Jasper City Council approves paying the entire $180,000 amount needed to begin renovating the spillway at Beaver Lake.

The nearly $335,000 modification will raise the lakes’s water level to where it was before the new dam and spillway were built three years ago.

The council will use casino tax revenue dollars for the $180,000. Monday, the Jasper Utility Services Board approved lending lake users the 180,000 to be paid back in future rent and fee increases. The city council, as a whole, agreed that the residents should not be on the hook for a loan associated with a city-owned property.

The new dam and spillway were mandated by the state.

The landowners, renters and recreation users of the lake came forward with $140,000 in private donations to raise the water level forming the foundation for a public-private partnership to not only pay to raise the water level but also invest in a long-term management plan for the lake.

Our story earlier today previewing tonight’s city council meeting…

JASPER (NNDC) – A financing package to modify the three-year old dam and spillway at Beaver Lake has been given the green light by the Jasper Utility Services Board.

That package, however, has some contingencies to it that must be done (and in some cases done quickly), or the deal could be doomed.

The Jasper City Council meets tonight, and though the package is expected to discussed tonight, final approval from the governing body will more than likely not take place tonight.

That’s because the city council and the Jasper Park Board (which manages the city-owned lake) have both called for special meetings between now and this coming Monday.

Both panels want to discuss their participation in the spillway modification project and the financing package.

The park board will meet at 7:30 a.m. Friday. The council has scheduled a meeting at 7:30 a.m. Monday.

All aspects of the modification and financing package must be in place a week from this Friday (August 28th), which is the last business day before the construction bid of $334,400 expires.

Here is where things stand now following Monday night’s Utility Services Board meeting and prior to the council’s scheduled special meeting on Monday…

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