Jasper Man Arrested For Battery; Huntingburg Man Arrested For Theft From Employer (BLOTTER)

Phillip E. Neukam

Phillip E. Neukam

JASPER (NNDC) – A Jasper man was taken into custody early Saturday morning charged with Battery and Strangulation; both charges Level 6 felonies.

Jasper police say they were called to a domestic disturbance at an apartment in the 200 block of Baden Strasse at about 4:30AM.

JPD says 34-year old Phillip Neukam was at the apartment to retrieve “some personal articles.”

While there, JPD says Neukam became verbally abusive to the apartment’s tenant.  This prompted a friend of the tenant to interject in the matter.

JPD says the female tenant was struck in the mouth, injuring her lip, when the second man, Josh Young tried to interject and confront Neukam.

JPD says Neukam then approached Young while holding the tenant by the throat.

Then the tenant struck Neukam in the head with her cellphone in an attempt to break free.  Police say Neukam did release her and then gathered the articles he originally came to get, and then headed towards his home on Picadilly Circle.  That’s when JPD officers arrived on scene.

Huntingburg Man Arrested For Internal Theft

HUNTINGBURG (NNDC) – Video surveillance helped police identify and arrest a local man for allegedly stealing money from his employer.

Friday morning, managers at Casey’s General Store on south Main Street contacted police about their cash receipts from the day before had come up short.

Store managers and Huntingburg police looked at in-house video from overnight.  The tape showed an employee taking money from the store’s cash register.

The employee, 39-year old Terrance Holt, admitted to police that he did take the money the night of August 13th and he also admitted taking money from the cash register two night’s earlier.

HPD says video surveillance also showed the same employee taking money from the cash register the night of August 11th.

HPD says a total of $140 was taken those two days.

Holt is charged with two counts of Theft (Class A misdemeanors).

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