Jasper Police Department Issues Scam Alert

scam-alert_1_mediumJASPER (NNDC) – The Jasper Police Department has issued a scam alert pertaining to a pair of scams that have surfaced recently in the area.

The first scam involved a local resident advised of winning a large amount of money, but told money had to be sent to receive the winnings. This never happened. Officials advise everyone not to send money to win money.

The second was the “grandparents scam.” Grandparents are informed their grandson is in jail and needs money to get out. Officials say you are never to send money without verifying the validity of the claim. They advise you contact other relatives or the police before sending money to anyone.

The scam alert states, “Most of these scams are done by individuals in other countries and once the money is sent, it can’t be recovered.”

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