UPDATED: Jasper Police Cracking Down On Motorists Who Disregard Stoplights; Stop Signs (with VIDEO)

JASPER (NNDC) – Jasper police say there has been an increase recently of accidents where one of the motorists involved disregarded a stop sign or stoplight.  Many of these accidents has resulted in personal injury; one such accident last week killed a French Lick woman.

In that accident, which happened this past Thursday, the driver of one of three SUVs involved ran a stop sign at the intersection of Meridian Road and the Indiana 162 Bypass. Killed in the accident was 58-year old Joyce Thomas; her sister was driving.   A third sister was also injured.

The increase in accidents has prompted Jasper police to increase street patrols to crack down on and issue more citations for stop sign and stoplight violators.

Jasper assistant police chief Nathan Schmitt says he thinks attention to the road is becoming becoming a secondary priority for motorists…

Schmitt says his department will use money from the Indiana Criminal Justice (overtime fund) for the extra patrols that police says will result in more motorists being cited for violating stop signs and stoplights as well as those who fail to use their seatbelts.  None of the three sisters in the SUV that triggered last Thursday’s fatal accident were wearing their seatbelt.

Schmitt says JPD will also use the extra patrols to crack down on impaired drivers.

Here is our story from last Thursday’s accident in which Joyce Thomas was killed…


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