Cost Of Renovating Beaver Lake’s Dam & Spillway Now In Hands Of Property Owners; Lake Users (VIDEO)

JASPER (NNDC) – The Jasper Utility Services Board voted unanimously to accept the recommendation of its water committee to not fund any renovations or modifications to raise the water level at Beaver Lake.

The board also voted unanimously to keep reconstruction bids open for the next six weeks to see if property owners and recreational users of the city-owned lake can come up with an “alternative” way to pay for raising the lake’s water level.

Many property owners and users say the lake’s dropped nearly a foot when the new dam & spillway at the lake was built three years ago…


  1. Keith Meyer says:

    They upgrade the dam making the water level a foot lower. The local media makes zero comments about who is responsible and no outrage about it. They blow a million dollars on a power plant that will now be torn down. They spend $750k over 15 years looking into building a library. Did the local media voice their opinion piece about all the money wasted and if someone should be held accountable? Nope, not one word.

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