“Field Day” Tests Emergency Communications In Event Of Disaster (VIDEO)

BRETZVILLE (NNDC) – Ham radio operators from across the United States and Canada converged on Dubois County recently for a very important “field day…”


  1. Mike Vogler says:

    Again this year I had the great opportunity and experienced the “magic” of ametuer radio on ARRL field day! We took our radio equipment out of the safe confines of our home “radio shacks” and set up that equipment on a picnic table. Antennas were strung up in trees with one placed on a bbq grill.
    I was so proud to work and have fun with several truly experienced “hams” who really put their skills on display by plucking radio signals out of the air and making contact with hams nationwide. Oh the “magic of Shortwave radio”!
    73 (good bye)

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