Inwood Office Furniture Creates Legacy Through Endowment

JASPER (Local Sources) – Inwood Office Furniture will continue to impact local charities forever despite ceasing operations last November. Through a $125,000 gift to the Community Foundation, the Inwood Office Furniture Endowment has established a discretionary fund that will support the Foundation’s community grant-making.

“The Board of Directors of Inwood’s Foundation, is proud and honored to be able to continue to perpetually financially support the benevolent efforts of our community through the Dubois County Community Foundation,” said Glen Sturm, Chairman of Inwood Office Furniture.

The contribution qualifies for the Lilly Endowment’s Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) initiative, and will be matched dollar for dollar.

“Inwood’s gift is a testament to its commitment to our community,” said Brad Ward, CEO of Dubois County Community Foundation. “This endowment creates a legacy for a company that gave generations of families employment, and helps assure that presence is never lost,” Ward said.

Inwood Office Furniture was incorporated in 1948 as the Jasper Table Company and was a vibrant employer in Dubois County for 66 years.

“For multiple generations our community has provided for this company and this gift, especially because it will be doubled in matching dollars by the Lilly foundation as well as the continuation of Inwood’s own foundation, allows us to continue to give back to the community,” Sturm said.

The Inwood Office Furniture Endowment was established with assets from the Inwood Office Furniture, Inc. Foundation.

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