UPDATE: Lampert Says Call To School Came From Phone That Cannot Be Traced To The Owner (AUDIO/VIDEO)

UPDATE:  The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office say it now knows the telephone number used to call Pine Ridge Elementary School yesterday that prompted a “lights-out” lockdown of the school for a short time.

Sheriff Donny Lampert says unfortunately, the number (traced to Dallas, Texas) is from a (disposable/no-contract) cellphone that can be purchased (even over the internet) and used by anyone in the world anonymously.   Lampert says after searching the school grounds immediately after the call was received, there is no evidence the call was what he calls a credible threat…

The phones are popular with scammers and aggressive telemarketers. Lampert says it would take the state legislature or maybe Congress to require disposable and no-contract phones be registered with an owner.   He says yesterday’s call was solely to strike fear in the community.

Schools throughout Dubois County were alerted immediately at the time of the call. Subsequent searches at all other schools also turned up no evidence the called was a credible threat.

Lampert says he and the sheriff’s department continue to strongly urge everyone to continue to be vigilant and never hesitate to call local police if you notice anything suspicious around our schools.


BIRDSEYE (NNDC) – A concerning mid-morning phone forced Southeast school officials to put Pine Ridge Elementary School on a full lockdown…

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